We have an extremely successful track record of over 10 years of providing comprehensive services for property investment, management, and letting in London and the surrounding area. We have a relationship with all of the major property developers and can locate the best properties to match your budget and according to your investment criteria.

Our personal investments are based on our outlook of “The time that you make a profit is not when you sell a property but when you buy it.”

Property Investment
We will lead the negotiations and manage all related aspects of the investment journey including valuations, arranging mortgages, processing contracts, and dealing with solicitors.
Property Management
Following a successful purchase, we can assist or manage relocation logistics, property management, and lettings as well as other aspects of furniture, check & repair, liaison with accountants, etc.
Business Investment
Our well-experienced partners can provide you with tailor-made investment plans based on your needs, to get your business off the ground, to move to the next level, expand or diversify.
International Investment
We provide investment projects and property services in multiple fast-growing overseas regions/countries, such as China and Hong Kong, includes local financial, legal & tax advice by international professionals.
Educational Placements

We offer a comprehensive range of services to ensure clients have the best support when they apply to study in the UK. From the moment students or their parents contact us to the day they land their dream offer, we will always stand by their side to help and guide them through the process.

Our professional education consultancy services help students achieve entrances into their chosen universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, LSE, UCL, etc. Our experienced advisors are fluent in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese, will help students find the most suited schools and provide the most efficient learning scheme to adapt to the targeted schools.

Primary School Application
British education has always been recognised by parents from all over the world as being of the highest standard. We provide personalised school selection programs for students and parents, finding the right school to match the aspirations of parents and the persona of their children. In helping to select private primary schools in the UK we take you through the school choices, from application to admission, and our excellent consultancy team will provide an individually focused service
Secondary School Application
The UK's GCSE and A-Level secondary education system have opened up multiple pathways for students to enter higher education. In addition to the UK, 125 countries and regions around the world recognise the British A-Level college entrance examination results including Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Macau. We will analyse the academic advantages and geographic characteristics of each private middle school for you to choose the most suitable campus for your children.
University Application
In 2020-2021, the number of Chinese students applying to the UK set a new record, a year-on-year increase of 31%. Whether it is an undergraduate or graduate application, our G5 team will provide you with a complete school selection plan, essay guidance, and mock interviews, so that students will no longer miss the best time to apply, and get good news from the ideal colleges.
Study Tour Summer Camp
British summer camps include London, Cambridge, Oxford, Brighton, and other famous cities in the UK. Students use their spare time to experience British traditional knowledge, cultivate independence and team spirit, and improve their confidence in English. Our study tours are led by a dedicated person to ensure safety. Participating in the summer camp will also establish a good visa record for the child and lay the foundation for future student visas.
Consultancy Services

Our one-stop-shop provides a variety of services to our clients. Liu International has played an important role for many high-net-worth individuals in their understanding of London’s culture, history, business structure, fashion, cuisine, and how to integrate into its mainstream society.

Elites Network
We have many years of rewarding co-operative relations with politics, business, media, art, education, and charities. We have arranged tailor-made British-level social activities for many Soviet and Middle Eastern politicians, focussing on aristocratic life experiences, private clubs, art appreciation, golf, hunting, polo, etc.
Business Travel
When travelling for business you can stay in style and comfort, we will make your trip have special memories by having personal contact with the Royal Jockey Club, staying in the private mansion of a British noble Duke. At all time we can ensure you travel safely and with confidence.
From Royal Ascot to Wimbledon, from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s music to Vienna New Year's Concert, our corporate hospitality team provides world-class entertainment approach our clients' needs, whether in sports or prestigious events and have close contact with football and movie stars. make sure to deliver quality, reliability, exclusivity, and unique experiences.
Le Cordon Bleu Menu
Food is the most important thing for people. What you taste in London is definitely not ordinary food. We provide you with personal family banquet services. The top chefs from British star-rated restaurants will personally cook British, French, Spanish, Indian, and other countries. Dishes, allowing you to enjoy super international cuisine in London.
About Us

Liu International is an experienced professional consultant company based in the United Kingdom, providing effective consulting services for Chinese government departments, enterprises, and individual investors to establish overseas institutions in the United Kingdom, publicise and expand, and personal investment and real estate.

Our Objective : Seize the Opportunity
With the rapid development of China's economy globally, China is also integrating into the world at a high speed. At the same time, more and more Chinese government departments, institutions, private enterprises, and investors have come to the UK to invest. No wonder China and the United Kingdom need a connecting platform for communication. Liu International focuses on this mission and provides the greatest assistance to all of you who intend to come to the UK to achieve their dream.
Our Mission : Reduce the Difference
Through our various high-level professional services, you will have the most understanding of the UK in the shortest time, familiar with the local language and culture, and master various business information to the greatest extent, providing ideas and convenience for your business.
Our Vision : Assist You to Succeed
When your plan is implemented or prepared for implementation in the UK market, there will be various practical difficulties, such as lack of depth and breadth of understanding of local government regulations and laws, and no way of knowing the popularity and reputation of partners. Liu's International tailors a full set of business investment plans to meet your needs for Chinese customers, helping you to have a stable and solid customer base and successfully own your own market share in the UK.

Liu International is here to help you with any problems that you are facing when living and investing in London. If you are interested in property investment, with excellent marketing skills, and willing to contribute to the investment market between Chinese and English; welcome to our team.

Property Investment Executive
  • Minimum 2 years relevant experience in with a proven record of high level results
  • Thorough understanding of the sales progression and the conveyancing process
  • Target driven & able to generate and develop opportunities through own initiative
  • Able to work as a team and on your own and from remote locations
  • Ability and confidence to source analyse, negotiate and close deals
  • Strong negotiation and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to organise your time efficiently and effectively
Senior Education Consultant
  • Location - London
  • Managing the relationship with the clients
  • Setting appropriate target school and timelines for applications
  • Advice on course and university options and choice, and complete contract signing procedure
  • Advice on admissions tests
  • An experienced and knowledgeable UK University Application professional with in depth experience of the full UCAS procedure (at least one-year experience in the industry).
  • Demonstrable experience with preparing shortlists, course research, UCAS form help and work experience guidance.
  • Experience working with students from a variety of curriculum, advising on entry strategy for all standards of student/ university.
Marketing & IT
  • Develop creative briefs and guide creative directions to meet objectives for all advertising and public facing communications.
  • Conceptualize and execute on multi-channel campaigns ensuring all communication and messaging across all channels.
  • Contents making (brochures, poster, ect.)
  • Managing budgets, participating in events and providing additional sales support.
  • Collect feedback to help future marketing plan and strategy, general more qualified leads.
  • Identify effectiveness and impact of current marketing initiative with tracking and analysis, and optimize accordingly.
  • Social media account management (TikTok, Weibo, WeChat, Xiaohongshu, Facebook, and Instagram)
  • Internal IT support
  • Conduct clerical duties, including filing, answering phone calls, responding to emails and preparing documents
  • Coordinate project deliverable
  • Perform accounting tasks, including invoicing and budget tracking
  • Schedule meetings and travel arrangements for senior members of the company
  • Provide administrative support for operations team
  • Monitor the production staff
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